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Election Managment System

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End-to-End Workflow

With five software groups containing eleven modules, Electionware enables election officials to create a secure election information database, format ballots, program voting and ballot-scanning equipment, consolidate tabulator results, generate election night reports and review ballot images. Each module is a tool to make election management more intuitive, auditable and secure, and each group is configured to meet equipment and election requirements.

Flexible Election Management

Electionware accommodates a variety of election needs, including early and overseas voting, ADA compliance, ballot adjudication, and election-night reporting and auditing. With the capability to manage nearly 10,000 ballot styles, support multiple languages, and allow authorized teams to work in Electionware simultaneously, the system is intuitive and easy to use. The database for multiple equipment types provides election-wide uniformity and compliance with less room for human error.

Efficient Results Reporting

Electionware’s state-of-the-art electronic adjudication function masterfully handles the management of write-in votes. The interface displays key ballot information including precinct, ballot style, poll type, machine serial number, and polling location as well as color-coded identification of undervotes and counted votes, which can be exported as individual PDF files.

Improved Post-Election Audit Process

BElectionware offers election officials the ability to conduct a wide range of post-election audits with improved effectiveness and efficiency. The easy-to-read, side-by-side comparison of the unaltered ballot image and its corresponding cast vote record make it possible to audit any election in a fraction of the time.

Security facts:

Physical Access Controls

The Electionware PC is stored in a secure, controlled environment that limits physical access to the system and adheres to jurisdictional security requirements. While in storage, transport, preparation and operation, tamper-evident seals alert election officials of unauthorized access.

System Access Controls

The operating software provides security access controls to limit and detect access to critical system components during equipment preparation, testing and operation, guarding against system integrity loss and availability. All failed login attempts are logged, alerting election officials if an attempt to access the system has been made. These safeguards cannot be bypassed or deactivated during system installation or operation, maintaining the integrity of the election data and audit record, and username and password information is encrypted.

Audit Logs

Electionware maintains a detailed audit log of all actions and events that have occurred on the unit, including log-in attempts, election definition, ballot preparation and results processing. This includes a record of all user actions, with username and timestamp to the system audit log. This audit log can be filtered by date and type of event and printed or saved in a variety of file formats, including .pdf, .rtf, .html, .xls and .csv.

Proprietary Flash Drives

All data in motion, including data on election USB flash drives, is encrypted using FIPS-compliant, signed data keys. Electionware will only recognize these certified and approved data keys.

System Security

The Electionware PC is a hardened device which has been configured to include only the services, applications, utilities and settings required to successfully operate the system. The hardening process turns the PC into a single-use device, dedicated solely to creating and operating elections.

Encryption, Hash Validation and Digital Signatures

As data is transferred to election devices, additional hash validations ensure data integrity remains intact. Each election device also generates a signed data key, ensuring that should unauthorized access of a device occur, no other devices can be affected through data transfer. All election data is encrypted and digitally signed before it is transferred from an election device for reporting results and auditing.