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School Managment System

Progment school management system software has redefined the education system functionalities with help of the latest technologies and gained new heights with its extraordinary features! This successful school management system uses cutting-edge technology and makes it user-friendly yet affordable! The product from the team of ultimate and 20+ years of expertise offers all the mandatory and complementary functionalities required by an educational institute! Our esteem 1300+ global client base tells our success stories! We believe in.

Progment software is a customized school management software that offers end-to-end solutions for every phase of school management like admissions, academic management, staff management, attendance. It is a one-stop solution platform that integrates various features like biometric, SMS, online portal, e-exam, mobile app, etc. Let our high-end product empower your educational institute in delivering new ways of education by taking care of administrative tasks!.



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  • SMS: Today SMS is a widely used medium for communication and a channel to provide value-added services. Progment developed an SMS alert system for schools which is one of the most economical methods of sending information to as many recipients: students, teachers, or parents, as quickly as possible.

    A lot of companies public and private cutting costs every day by sending text messages instead of sending letters or brochures, this is always great for our environment too! A major benefit of SMS Marketing is the potential it has when you integrate it into any of your marketing campaigns.

  • Biometric:

    Fingerprints are the unique identity of every individual. No one can duplicate this identity, and this feature alters the traditional attendance system. As the traditional attendance system has several drawbacks, there is a need for a new attendance system, and a fingerprint attendance system fulfils this need. Punching the attendance with an RFID card or fingerprint makes the system apt for the new-age era. When integrated with school ERPs, develop a full-proof attendance system that can be implemented for both staff and students.

    With the "Progment" Biometric- Time and attendance solution, Institute can enjoy the benefits of an automated employee time tracking system with an added convenience and security of biometric (fingerprint/RFID Card) authentication. “Progment" Biometric features time and attendance software paired with a biometric employee time clock. The biometric clock allows employees to check-in and out quickly and easily, using just a fingerprint or RFID Card. Progment Biometric automatically tracks the total time/days worked, based on the total present/absent days software will generate payroll reports accordingly. “Progment" Biometric solution delivers secure, reliable employee time and attendance tracking.

  • E-exam: Online exams software empowers the invigilators to conduct various exams from a remote location using the internet. The automated system overcomes the drawbacks of the traditional exam system and lays a foundation for the new norm. As exams are an essential part of any education course, online exams software revamps them with a modern approach.

    Progment E-exam provides innovative examination processes and assessment solutions to Educational Institutions. E-exam offers an integrated suite of the online assessment software application to create, conduct, and evaluate various exams like term exams, chapter tests, practice tests, paper-pencil-based exams, and online question banks.

  • Tally: Tally is powerful accounting software, which is driven by a technology called concurrent multi-lingual accelerated technology engine. It is easy to use software and is designed to simplify complex day-to-day activities associated with an enterprise. Tally accounting provides a solution to all the problems real businesses have to encounter. The single software takes care of all tasks required for enterprise management. Accounting tasks such as records keeping accounts receivable and payable management and bank reconciliation are made simple through tally.

    With Progment tally integration users don’t need to make the entry in both software, school fees can easily map with the tally in a single click. Progment accounting school software is a complete system with an excellent grip on accounting features, Progment Tally integration easily transfers your fee transactions from Progment to Tally.

  • Vehicle Tracking: When it comes to child safety, parents are more concerned than anything else. They are always worried about when will my child’s bus arrive to pick up/drop? Has my child entered the bus? How is the driver’s behaviour? Where is my child’s bus right now? Is there any delay in the child’s arrival?.

    At Progment, we understand what child safety is meant to you and so we have designed great fleet management software for your school. Security and efficiency are what we have targeted for you. Progment fleet management system has an intuitive web interface, to provide you all the answers for your fleet managements like Pick up /drop route, pick up/drop time, traveling duration, driver’s behaviour, non-professional vehicle usage, and so many others. It also displays a real-time information of school buses to parents through Mobile applications.

    Progment VTS offers an efficient, effective vehicle tracking system for managing your school fleet. Progment VTS empowers you to verify your vehicle location at any time from the convenience of a web-based application. Progment VTS Software provides real-time information on the fleet location & activity to improve business performance and customer service.

  • Online Payment Gateway: Among the current computer-savvy Indian environment, E-Payments are increasingly becoming the chosen way to pay. Being instantaneous, safe, and convenient, users are swiftly moving to digital options for multiple choices of payment – through bank accounts, credit or debit cards, prepaid cards, and e-Wallets. With Internet Payments rising as one of the most user-friendly payment options in recent times it is in high demand for the parent for online payment of school fees also to make payment online for their ward’s school fee.

    Progment facilitates the online payment for school fees and makes the fee collection process digitalized. Parents no need to wait in the queue for paying the fees. They can pay the fees anytime, anywhere. The school ERP sends the reminder for fee payment to parents’ mobile. The secure payment gateway ensures the parents’ sensitive data protection. The easy-to-use process makes the payment process apt for all. Progment provisions all types of online payments including credit, debit, and e-wallets along with the cash option.

  • Barcode: Barcode technology is a proven solution for an endless array of operations from Healthcare to Educational. Barcode for the library has widely used technology for cutting cost and saving time. With only some basic printing equipment and a readily available barcode scanner, businesses can use barcode technology to improve accuracy, speed, and efficiency without significant expense. By integrating barcodes with school ERP has enormous benefits. They can be used for any kind of necessary data collection, tracking, processing, and as.

    Barcodes are extremely versatile. Barcodes promote better decision-making. Because data is obtained rapidly and accurately, it is possible to make more informed decisions, better decision making ultimately saves both time and money.

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