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We are the fastest growing blockchain development company, making the best of this technology to benefit businesses while taking them to their peak.

Blockchain Development Services

Our customized blockchain application development services will help you meet the ever-changing requirements of your business and give you the needed flexibility you're looking for. We ensure that you get quality & custom applications for your business.

Hire tech-domain experts to helps you extract the most out of something as credible as Blockchain!

The technology of the future is here and ready to take over the world! But there is only one problem, blockchain is hardwired in most people minds as a technology of cryptocurrency.

Hire CIS- the blockchain development company that delivers you with business-benefitting solutions helping you cross that line and enter the future. Find expert developers helping you turn the uniqueness of blockchain to your advantages. In simple words, we provide you Blockchain development services that allow you to magnify your understanding of blockchain to more than just bitcoin wallet app development.

We at CIS provide you the unseen integrated and verified benefits of implementing Blockchain into your unique app development needs to interpret them into profitable solutions.


Blockchain technology uses the classic centralized architecture in which:

Block: A block is developed which holds encrypted data and hashed group of valid transactions. Likewise, multiple blocks are formed which are then interlinked to each other using a cryptic hash linking every block from a previous block forming a chain.

Chain: The chain of block gives you the ability to store data on multiple computers simultaneously.


Blockchain is taking the industries such as healthcare, real estate, banking by storm by delivering brilliant solutions that allow secure, decentralized and powerfultransferring and documentation of data. At CIS we have made it our mission to continually render much more advanced solutions and achieve something that is beyond the generic use of blockchain technology. We aim at rendering you the whole new breed of custom blockchain development services that gives away league apart enterprise class solutions. Our technical prowess has led us to touch the popular app platforms and protocols that include, Corda, Lisk, Ethereum, Virtual Machine, Hyperledger, Bitcoin.

Blockchain Technology Solutions

From Custom Cryptocurrencies, hash algorithms, architectures, individual nodes to distributed ledger technology, we at CIS cover it all in our Blockchain development. Proof of work, concept models and Stake are an integral part of our consensus protocol which help us in the eradication of double spending error and eliminate the need of outmoded third parties. Going each time a mile ahead in our development process we use advance decentralized web technology and use BaaS from Oracle, AWS, IBM, Microsoft Azure.

Blockchain Mining Software

Designed to improve the general ledger security, we us embedded software experts program cryptocurrency mining computers. To speed up transaction verifications, we integrate ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) chips within the internal mining hardware and programming double-round hash verification features. We also do mining farms development for which we design the miner performance dashboard, create compressive architecture solutions, create decentralized networks for mining pools and much more.

Blockchain Smart Contract Development

We do blockchain smart contract development, supply decentralized web solutions for ecommerce, real estate, finance, supply chain, gaming industries and other services. We are a blockchain development company that does custom code smart contract for registering loan requests, validation of insurance eligibility, letter generation for credit transactions, intellectual property, create decentralized autonomous organizations and much other. We also do smart contract audit tool development for data integrity and optimum performance.

Blockchain Wallets and Exchange Applications

We do wallet app development. Our blockchain application services include Blockchain enabled blockchain app development for desktops, mobile and browser apps. We also do bitcoin wallet app development with inbuilt features such as trading multiple cryptocurrencies, blockchain tokens, online purchases, participating in coin offerings, auto-generating private and public keys. Our wallet app development enables you for data history check and hypermedia examining for any block. We take hefty security and encryption measures with multi-signature confirmation.

Blockchain Banking Solutions

We aim to resolve enterprise problems of industries such as banking sector. Our blockchain development enables payment integrations through cryptocurrencies. We promote smart contract blockchain banking solutions in payment delivery, security transactions, financing international trade, transferring syndicated loans and others. Our software solutions include KYC and anti-money laundering protocols (AML) for added security.

Blockchain Software Expertise

Modular apps and integrated cryptocurrency functionality is rendered into website and applications using expertly designed and integrated APIs, libraries, SDKs and other documentations using block chain technology. We use popular blockchain exchanges including Coinbase, Tierion, Factom, ChromaWay, SICCAR, Neurowave and others in addition to the crypto client development services.



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Our future plan

There are many trends being embraced today that will drive the future of software development. But where the trends are at — in terms of adoption — varies between innovators who are ahead of the curve, early adopters who are next up, and early majority who are embracing the trends.

Innovators are adopting:

  • Deep learning: a subset of machine learning based on artificial neural networks.
  • Blockchain: a growing list of records that are linked with cryptography.
  • AI: machine intelligence used in software development (e.g., AI writing code or AI in software testing).
  • Serverless / lambda: a way to build serverless applications (e.g., AWS Lambda).
  • Reactive programming: a model structured around asynchronous data streams (e.g., Java Completable Future).
  • Orchestration: a way to automatically configure, coordinate, and manage systems (e.g., cloud orchestration).
  • GraphQL: an open-source data query and manipulation language for APIs. GraphQL is one of the top open source trends today.
  • Microservices: a technique to break an application up into a collection of loosely-coupled services.
  • Immutable infrastructure:an approach to manage service or software deployments (e.g., Infrastructure as Code).
  • API design: the process of developing application programming interfaces (APIs) that expose backend data and application functionality for use in new applications.
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