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At Progment, we provide immediate healthcare app development services, mobility solutions that are highly adaptive and scalable. We believe that Healthcare requires a firm line of communication between service providers and patients. Our expert mhealth app developers build high-end healthcare solutions. Explore our comprehensive collection of healthcare solutions below and see how our edge solutions may help you enhance clinical, financial, and operational gains. Our expert medical app development team can help you in:.

Healthcare professionals can treat patients more precisely and effectively with our healthcare mobile app development services..

Being a leading healthcare and medical app development company, Quytech leads this uprising in the healthcare industry by offering high-end telemedicine app development solutions that enable healthcare businesses to enhance diagnostics, optimize medical process flows, and improve patient’s care. Our team of professionals has extensive experience developing healthcare apps, which allows us to build remarkable mobile apps that satisfy our clients. We offer best healthcare app development services that are recognized for their user-centric approach and excellent usability..



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Our future plan

There are many trends being embraced today that will drive the future of software development. But where the trends are at — in terms of adoption — varies between innovators who are ahead of the curve, early adopters who are next up, and early majority who are embracing the trends.

Healthcare App Development:

  • Healthcare Mobility Solutions:

    By using innovative technologies such as mobile, cloud, wearables, and the Iot, we assist health-care businesses. These solutions assist you in gaining new efficiencies, improving your services, and improving treatment outcomes while increasing patient's satisfaction.

  • HIPAA- Compliant Healthcare Apps:

    We follow HIPAA Compliant requirements, protect accidental situations related to patients. We assure you develop the best healthcare technology solutions utilizing our in-depth research and professional skills in healthcare industry standards, GDPR laws, and HIPAA compliance.

  • EHR/EMR Integration & App Development:

    Keep all of your patients' information should be kept in one location, so they should have accessibility to their own information. Track and save all diagnosis information in a centralized manner, as well as reduce the number of errors in individual patient's records.

  • Healthcare CRM Software:

    We create custom medical CRMs that are geared to provide such a better experience for patients by allowing them to control their entire patient profile, receive personalised offers, and other important features. These specialised technologies can be linked into any form of care-delivery practise, ranging from national health systems to local GP offices, to keep clinicians and patients connected at all times.

  • Telemedicine App:

    We offer telemedicine app development, which allows doctors and patients to communicate remotely and efficiently manage their check ups and visits. Consequently, telemedicine apps enable patients to receive medical assistance from their trusted specialists without having to travel to a hospital or clinic.

  • Online Pharmacy App:

    Fast medication delivery is possible with the help of an online pharmacy. This is an online pharmacy app development solution for pharmacies seeking to address both web and mobile channels. Users can upload prescriptions and search on medications through this approach. Inventory management, offers, and shipping integration are all part of the solution.

  • Fitness & Wellness App:

    With a mobile fitness & wellness app, you can help your users live a healthy lifestyle. Build user-centered plans to help people relieve stress, lose or gain weight, eat healthier, or stick to their fitness and yoga practice. Create a personalized workout schedule based on the data you've gathered. Apart, create a successful self-care app with a significant presence. Our medical app developers develop user-friendly and attractive mobile fitness apps that allow users to schedule workouts, manage diet, measure steps, and receive fitness advice.

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